Can i remove © 2017 - Powered by

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lucy posted this 23 June 2017

Can i remove © 2017 - Powered by if i buy license ?

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pankajg1 posted this 27 June 2017

According to the terms of the MVCForum license, you may NOT remove or hide the "Powered by MVCForum" statement that appears at the footer of each page within MVCForum software. 

If you have not purchased a valid "Copyright notice removal license" for MVCForum, the copyright notice at the footer of your forum must remain intact, unedited and clearly visible. Don't attempt to edit, remove or hide the copyright notice in any way. It does not give you authorization to remove any copyright notices in the script source files nor any other rights. We will contact the hosts of any users violating these terms, requesting your website be taken down immediately under the DMCA act. Copyright infringement is illegal - be advised! 

Upon purchase of a "copyright notice removal key" you are permitted to remove the aforementioned proprietary notices. A single key must be used for each forum (URL) and may not be used more than once. You may not use a key to remove copyright on unlimited forum installs on one website domain.