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nareshcs posted this 09 March 2017


Is it possible to allow for posts to be made via an email, say for example a user sends an email to and that email is captured as a post?



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YodasMyDad posted this 23 March 2017

Sure. But not possible by MVCForum. As you'll need some code to poll a mailbox, pull down the emails and parse them. It would be something custom you would have to develop.

miseeger posted this 23 March 2017

... a pretty nice idea and you also have to implement a large amount of security stuff ;-) preventing the misuse of your email address ...

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nareshcs posted this 24 March 2017

Hi All,

Thanks. What does it take to implement this? How much coding effort? Do you know of any service providers who can do this for my company? Thanks,