Forum very slow after migrating topics to it.

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Robert Skaro posted this 20 November 2017

Hello Everyone,

I have a very old forum platform on my site and I would like to migrate all posts and topics to mvcforum, but forum became unusable after migrating only 1680 topics with around 180k posts, and this is only small fraction of 19 million posts which should be migrated. Please do note that some of topics have over 8000 posts.

It got to  the point that it queued 150 000 waiting tasks on my sql server enterprise machine with 120 gb of ram and crashed entire production server without any forum visitors (only load balancer health check every 3 seconds).

I havent modified any backend code, we only changed some design in views.

Am I doing something wrong, or forummvc does not work well on large amount of topics/posts?

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lucy posted this 28 December 2017

That's right, i think you should change backend. Entity Framework too slow you can use Dapper ORM + VueJS or AngularJS to improve performance

YodasMyDad posted this 02 January 2018

Hmmm very interesting. Thanks for bringing it up. I'm reworking the forum quite a bit for v2. If you can wait 4 weeks or so, then try out v2 and see if that is better for you.