How to setup and custom the MvcForum?

  • Last Post 13 February 2018
Nguyen Kaii posted this 12 February 2018

I've read the installation guide from wiki and following it, but I have some questions need to clarify. Can I custom the current database (add some tables and fields) from the blank project which installed the MvcForum from Nuget package? Or I have to custom it through the MvcForum.Core project from Github and edit what I need and then, I will need to add it as the reference to my new blank project? Will it automatically add the Views like the Nuget package did or I have to create it my self?

Final question, What are the differences between MvcForum.Core and MvcForum.WebSite. I can see the Core has Models and DbContext, while the Website has the Views and Controllers. So it means if I want to custom the database, I will need to edit the Core project; If I want to custom the Views and Controllers, I will need to edit the Website project. Am I right?

I will wait for the responses. Thanks for reading my issues!