Is the MVC forum still being actively developed?

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WayneT posted this 5 days ago


I have a couple of questions which I have been thinking about:

- Will it be ported to .net core? would be cool to run on linux.

- has there been any thought to use documentdb or mondodb as the databse? I always thought these would work well for a forum. the new cosmos db on azure is interesting.

- Starting from scratch what is the best way to combine mvcforum and umbraco into the one site? Has anyone tried just instlaling nuget for each?

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YodasMyDad posted this 5 days ago

I haven't touched it for a while because I'm up to my eyes at the moment. 

And yes, that includes keeping an eye on .NET Core as I intend to port / rebuild this forum in .NET Core. You need a relational DB for a forum really.

In regards to with Umbraco, I created Dialogue 

See the v2.0 beta 2

WayneT posted this 5 days ago

Good to hear!

I have a few projects I'm working on that need a forum and mvcforum seems to suite the purposes well.

Hopefully I can make some contributions to the codebase as well.