Like Button for Standard Members - V1.9.2

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Chris posted this 26 March 2017

I have ticked on the:

Disable Dislike Button - Users can only Like posts

Now, all users except the Main Admin account can not see the Like Button. I have created another user, put them in the Admin Group, no Like Button, Standard Member, no Like Button.

If I edit the following Code, in the ../Views/Shared/_Post.cshtml file:

                            @if (Model.AllowedToVote)
                                <a class="votelink" data-id="@postId" data-votetype="up" data-votetext="@Html.LanguageString("Post.VoteUp")" data-votedtext="@Html.LanguageString("Post.VotedUp")" data-hasvoted="@Model.HasVotedUp.ToString().ToLower()" style="@Html.Raw(Model.HasVotedDown ? "display:none;" : "")">
                                    @(Model.HasVotedUp ? Html.LanguageString("Post.VotedUp") : Html.LanguageString("Post.VoteUp"))

Removing the In Page CS:

@if (Model.AllowedToVote)
                            { }

then the Like button appears again... Problem is, Guests can like and I don't want that.

Any Ideas?



P.S; I really like this idea: Disable Dislike Button - Users can only Like posts

I really want to stop that sort of negativity in the forum!!! Thank You!



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Chris posted this 26 March 2017

Please help, really keen to sort this out!



Chris posted this 27 March 2017

To add, if the user, admin or Standard Member is Following the Topic, then the Like button becomes available...

Surely a Bug there? Somewhere?


Angga Indra posted this 05 April 2017

following this topic