Like Button for Standard Members - V1.9.2

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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

I have ticked on the:

Disable Dislike Button - Users can only Like posts

Now, all users except the Main Admin account can not see the Like Button. I have created another user, put them in the Admin Group, no Like Button, Standard Member, no Like Button.

If I edit the following Code, in the ../Views/Shared/_Post.cshtml file:

                            @if (Model.AllowedToVote)
                                <a class="votelink" data-id="@postId" data-votetype="up" data-votetext="@Html.LanguageString("Post.VoteUp")" data-votedtext="@Html.LanguageString("Post.VotedUp")" data-hasvoted="@Model.HasVotedUp.ToString().ToLower()" style="@Html.Raw(Model.HasVotedDown ? "display:none;" : "")">
                                    @(Model.HasVotedUp ? Html.LanguageString("Post.VotedUp") : Html.LanguageString("Post.VoteUp"))

Removing the In Page CS:

@if (Model.AllowedToVote)
                            { }

then the Like button appears again... Problem is, Guests can like and I don't want that.

Any Ideas?



P.S; I really like this idea: Disable Dislike Button - Users can only Like posts

I really want to stop that sort of negativity in the forum!!! Thank You!



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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

Please help, really keen to sort this out!



Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

To add, if the user, admin or Standard Member is Following the Topic, then the Like button becomes available...

Surely a Bug there? Somewhere?


Angga Indra posted this 3 weeks ago

following this topic