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proton posted this 29 January 2016


Is there any setting to use the email address (that is not GMail or MS) as username when logging in?


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Randy Ansems posted this 08 August 2017

I'm going to spend the day attempting to add the email as the username when one registers. So social logins will no longer use the full name, but will use the email. the regular signup will omit username as an option and add the 'username' in code as the entered email. 

Ill let you know how it goes. Hopefully it will be easy enough.


proton posted this 31 January 2016

I meant email address just to login, username will still be the display name. I find that logging in using email address is easier to remember than username.

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YodasMyDad posted this 31 January 2016

No I'm afraid not. None of the logins should do this, as it exposes your email address publically.