members/logon/ Login not displaying - Possible Account Lockout?

  • Last Post 09 March 2017
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Chris posted this 09 March 2017

I have a new install of 1.9.2 via Nuget, but after some configuration I seem to be locked out? I have no Login prompt at the url: members/logon/

Have I ticked something wrong? I had disabled User Registration in the Main Admin Settings.

Please help.




Chris posted this 09 March 2017

A Huge pain!

I dumped another forum in a separate folder and setup. Logged in, and active user, I then:

Changed the Connection String in the Web.Config to the Problem Forum's Connection String. Uploaded the Views Folder just to be safe... 

Reverted settings back that I had ticked off.

Reverted back to the Backup Web.Config. Tested the Forum with the problem, and it worked.

Might be a small bug in there if setting the Registrations to disabled?