MVC.Forum & MySQL - /admin section not responding (keeps asking for login)

  • Last Post 10 April 2018
Martijn Tholen posted this 28 March 2018


I've been able to deploy a version of the MVC.Forum on my site (both on local run IIS server and remote site) with a MySQL DB as datastorage. This works -more or less- ok, that is, on the local IIS it runs fine but when I run it remotely it seems to be working fine, but doesn't really...

When getting to the site I can logon as admin using the standard user/password combi, after changing the password I tried to setup the forum itself by going to the admin section. That's where the fun starts...

So technically I'm logged on, (i can see a cookie was planted) and I can access my account and change passwords, however, it doesn't allow me to set/change my email address in the remote installation. Nor do I actually get referred back to the admin section, I keep looping back to the logon screen, which doen't do anything if using new credentials ?

Any suggestions on what might be the case here ? Considering that on the local IIS server it runs fine and I can access the admin section without a hitch...



YodasMyDad posted this 10 April 2018

Im sorry, I have not tested MySql, the forum should be run on SQL Server or SQL Server Express