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Ismail Mayat posted this 23 April 2018


So I created new project in vs2017 then did nuget install of latest version namely 1.9.1.  Setup connection string to sql db then did build.  When i try to run the site through visual studio i get error about missing npoco. However looking at the project there is no reference to npoco dll so not sure where its even coming from.

Any ideas?




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Ismail Mayat posted this 23 April 2018

ok so i just did nuget add of npoco all works now. 

YodasMyDad posted this 24 April 2018

Bud, if you guys are looking at the forum. Start with v2.0 beta. I dropped nuget support though, as it just doesn't work without a lot of messing about on a project like this. My intention was to put the .Core project as a Nuget package only. v2.0 is pretty stable, this forum is actually running on it. 

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YodasMyDad posted this 24 April 2018

Ooops. Sorry, the NPoco reference was a mistake, but you figured it out. I was looking to swap from EF to NPoco and decided against it.

Ismail Mayat posted this 24 April 2018

Cool, we are just playing with it atm but once we get real case we will swap to latest version.