Post build events on MVCForum.Data project necessary?

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Sander posted this 12 January 2016


I tried to build the MVC Forum solution in my company, but our TFS server refuses post build events, and there are post build events set on the MVCForum.Data project:

if not exist "$(TargetDir)x86" md "$(TargetDir)x86"
    xcopy /s /y "$(SolutionDir)packages\Microsoft.SqlServer.Compact.4.0.8876.1\NativeBinaries\x86\*.*" "$(TargetDir)x86"
if not exist "$(TargetDir)amd64" md "$(TargetDir)amd64"
    xcopy /s /y "$(SolutionDir)packages\Microsoft.SqlServer.Compact.4.0.8876.1\NativeBinaries\amd64\*.*" "$(TargetDir)amd64"

I was wondering when these DLLs are used in the application, to see if I could remove the post build event, so that I can get the forum to build on our TFS server.

I see that DLLs are loaded at runtime by the Application_Start() in the Global.asax.cs, using the ReflectionService, but when I debug I see that the SqlServerCompact DLLs, copied by the post build event mentioned above, are not in the list of DLLs that the ReflectionService loads.

Is there another place where those DLLs are used that I haven't found, a.k.a. my forum will not work in production if I don't let the post build event copy the DLLs?

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YodasMyDad posted this 13 January 2016

I think these were added by Nuget. As I didn't add them. 

Sander posted this 19 January 2016

I can confirm it's done automatically bu Nuget. I tested it by removing all EntityFramework-related packages and readding them.

The folder _bin_deployableAssemblies (containing DLLs for SQL server support) is also added automatically by these packages, also something that we don't support on our TFS server. But we found a way to circumvent this problem.