Run Forum in existing site

  • Last Post 13 January 2018
plucka posted this 29 February 2016

I need a forum for an existing site


would be the ideal url, to me it makes sense that /forum would be its on area with the mvcforum isolate in that area. However it looks like the structure of the code is such that the admin is in an area and the rest is in the main site.


Is it possible to have the complete forum in an area and if so is there any documentation.

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YodasMyDad posted this 07 March 2016

Put MVCForum in a virtual directory in IIS and then it runs as a seperate application with it's own app pool. But you can have

vunder posted this 24 July 2017

I have MVCForum under IIS as a separate application "forum". Hovewer there is a problem with path to images I'm trying to upload/attach to post. They are referenced to the root "/content/upload...". But the root of the site if "/forum/<sub-path>". How can I change this?

udreams posted this 13 January 2018

In Scripts/tinymceplugins/ImageUpload folder, change the imageupload.js as the following figure: