Testing v1.7 release

  • Last Post 16 September 2015
boc2010 posted this 16 September 2015

Hi admin! Thank you very much for this great software.

Now, I'm having the following errors:



2. Paging with Tags:


2.1 Ex: tag 2013

2.2:  Page 1 is OK

2.3 Page 2 no display list with tag 2013


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YodasMyDad posted this 16 September 2015

Sorry I'm not following, could you just explain the issues?

Are you saying the paging isn't working on the tag pages? And I don't know what no value in detail means?

YodasMyDad posted this 16 September 2015

Ah ok. I'm with you I think. You are saying we are displaying the amount of comments in the list but not in the details page.