TinyMCE no Image Button for some Users

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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

I have a small amount of users not able to add Images, they get no Browse Button in TinyMCE.

I can not replicate this problem so I do not know what the cause is. My systems all work fine.

I saw: Insert/Upload Image Into Topic & Post is a custom Plugin.

Can anyone give me some advice? This is awesome software.


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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago


My users get the Green Button, but not the Red one:



Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

Investigating, I see:

@(ViewBag.ImageUploadType ?? "image")


Could there be a fallback occurring? Is there a condition where the default Image Loader is used if there is some issue?

YodasMyDad posted this 3 weeks ago

Does the group they are in have permission? 

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Chris posted this 3 weeks ago

Thank You!

Set the option, will try and I am sure that will fix the problem!

Great product! I really appreciate your work and sharing!

Thank You very much!