Want to integrate SSO(Single Sign On) between my application and Forum

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abhi posted this 28 August 2017

Hello All

I am having one application that uses MongoDB.

I want to do SSO(Single Sign On) using ADFs between My application and forum. Is this possible?


Anything related to SSO is there?

Thanks & Regards,  


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blandyuk posted this 29 August 2017

Are both websites using the same domain? If so, you could add a root-domain based cookie to share across to all sub-domain websites.

YodasMyDad posted this 12 September 2017

Please see the WIKI and see if that helps you


Nestor Geslani posted this 27 March 2018


When I click on link above for Single Sign on information, it takes me to the home page.
Is the information still available?



YodasMyDad posted this 27 March 2018

Sign on is now done with pipelines. 


Just replace the pipeline with your own one, you just need to implement 


And then swap it out in the config to point to yours


Making sure that your DLL is put in the


Folder, as this is where it looks for pipelines.

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Nestor Geslani posted this 31 March 2018

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
What I have is a asp net core application as my main site using Identity for authentication.
MVSForum is installed as a virtual app under virtual directory /forum
They currently work independently.
Using the pipeline mechanism you just described, is it possible for the main
site to inject the SignInManager for example into the user pipeline you described so I may interrogate if it is authenticated
there already? Both sides have facebook social login working.

You have a wonderful product and I have been researching and trying my best, to figure out how to integrate it;
Appreciate your help.
If what i described is not possible, might there be another solution I can explore?



YodasMyDad posted this 10 April 2018

Have a look at the pipelines, you can pass extra objects as ExtendedData and then pull it out via a key in your pipeline or just use DI? As DI will work for each pipeline.