Where I can get the project database?

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johnnyzhang posted this 03 March 2017

Hi Guys,

First of all, MVCForum is a great software, many thanks for it.


I just downloaded the source in a zip from Github, and made it compile successfully in Visual Studio 2015, pretty good,but the problem for me is that where I can find the database file?  from the installation guide mentioned at https://github.com/YodasMyDad/mvcforum/wiki/Installing, it shows:

IMPORTANT: Once you have chosen your method, all you need to do is open the web.config and update the connection string to point to your database/SQL Server instance


but sorry I was unable to find where I can find the *.sql file or *.sdf file etc. Please guide me.




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manickam posted this 03 March 2017

Hi have you got solution for that database?

johnnyzhang posted this 03 March 2017

No, any hints from you? manickam.

johnnyzhang posted this 04 March 2017

Hi Guys,


Anybody here can help? 




YodasMyDad posted this 06 March 2017

The database tables auto generate from Entity Framework Migrations.

johnnyzhang posted this 07 March 2017

Finally works. Great!!!!


Thanks, Yoda.